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Agreement between Muktinath Agricultural Company and Hicast

Agreement between Muktinath Agricultural Company and Hicast

15 March 2021

Kathmandu, 23 February. An agreement has been signed between Muktinath Agricultural Company Limited and Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST).

Salil Kumar Srivastava, CEO of Muktinath Krishi Company Limited and Binayak Prasad Rajbhandari, head of Himalayan College signed the agreement on Friday.

The agreement was signed between the two companies with the aim of working together in areas such as technical assistance and research needed to move forward with a long-term plan in agriculture.

At the same time, the students studying in Hicast will get support from Muktinath Company for research in the field of agriculture and the results of the research will also prove fruitful for the company. In addition, the information in the agreement states that the students will be able to do training in the company. After the study, information related to agriculture will be exchanged between the two companies.